ARF chairman statement, declaring support of 10.4

[Ment of anker]

Yesterday in Singapore at the ASEAN Regional Forum declaration, the results based on 10.4 Inter-Korean dialogue last October to support the content of the statement, Chairman of the avian influenza.

10 years after diplomatic confrontation jaeyeondoen as a result of inter-Korean declaration and 6.15 for a reserved attitude to declare 10.4 boyeoon expected to be a serious blow for the government of Lee Myung-bak.

Wangseontaek Press reporter from Singapore.


East Asian countries focused on 27 countries participating in the ASEAN Regional Forum due to problems in the South and North daeripgak to Mount Geumgang earlier.

Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said the visit to Kumgang, North Korea to accept inspectors with regard to the truth of our urge to explain the government's stance.

[Transcript: Yu Myung-hwan, Minister of Foreign]
"This incident has claimed the two Koreas should be resolved through consultations soon the funds."

The problem is North Korea's Mount Geumgang in the South and North bakuichun oemusang problem briefly respond.

Instead, the administration is in denial about the June 15 Joint Declaration and the emergence of South Korea military exercise held haekseonje attacks, including the Korean Peninsula based on the doctrine of peace is being threatened offensive beolyeotseup criticism, saying the South.

North Korea accused South Korea is blatantly offensive, separate from ASEAN friendship and cooperation treaty signed with expressions such as the Armed Forces immortal image for pledging to improve operations and the bush.

[Transcript: yidongil, chief North Korean Foreign Ministry]
"The area of expanding friendly relations with all countries of the region's commitment to peace and safety for yibajihagi pyohyeopipnida."

ARF is the result of a confrontation after South and North Korea over Singapore Foreign Minister George, chairman of the talks and announce the results jonghaphan 10.4 statement declaring his support for inter-Korean dialogue based on the country.

6.15 declarations and reservations about the declaration 10.4 boyeoon attitudes from the very government danghokseureon result of Lee Myung-bak.

After all issues are also included in the Mount Geumgang presidential statement expected to be resolved soon, but the processing line.
The United States is working diligently to put pressure on North Korea, South Korea, North Korea also criticized the offensive against the 10 years since the inter-Korean confrontation and diplomacy reenactments.

Meanwhile, India, Korea, ASEAN has pushed up the list of major attention, I think the international community, including the status and influence is falling rather than narrowing.

YTN wangseontaekipnida in Singapore.

Public company CEO resignation, the political dimension vote of confidence

Gangmansu said "public company CEO resignation, the political dimension vote of confidence"

[CBS political reporter gwakinsuk] gangmansu, president of Planning and Finance Minister batch of public enterprises and the controversy regarding the resignation submitted "a political dimension vote of confidence," he revealed wavelength is rising.

Minister of public enterprises is 24 pm on gang-related measures, a special parliamentary committee held a full meeting on "public companies, President Roh instructed to pay a large batch of resignations," the Democratic lawmaker's query bakyoungseon "instructions rather than a political judgement to know," Bush said .

But Park said the "president for public companies to receive a resignation from the political judgement to be a problem," said "to receive vote of confidence, it is not obvious that any violation of doljanchi house," he criticized.

Park said, "the organization may be slowly rolled him go since he resigned in bulk, who sat in the newly gosoyoung, S line," "The River Church minister who wish for a male eokulhae hasideonde all that people like robots." "There Captain part," said sarcastically.

Rivers responded: "People who do not wish at all churches," he said.

Park said: "gamtu sharing plausible for a public company advancement of mere slogans, entitled" "The minister could not answer correctly, it might have something to hide" and "vice minister sacked, knowing metalab values do not know the reason, public corporations advancement measures You do not know how to proceed on the map. Minister put the inflation rate would put what he's worked, "he strongly criticized.

The Minister of the river, "you can not answer because it is not Buddha, not a direct responsibility resignation has not said he was unaware," he said.

Park said, "the president said the ruling is a political vote of confidence to ask her to resign Whatever the situation can not answer, saying ministers had also interpreted as a political sense because we did talk about what a public company chairman, president and yiseokhyeon bulk to hold a hearing related to resign Demanded.

GNP lawmakers goseungdeok ahead, "Batch resignation as public enterprises are still a lot of work spaces are vacant, and the consequences" and that "public corporations, senior representative for the process must proceed quickly," he said.

The chairman of the "tenure did not end with a vote of confidence he seems not appropriate representation" gansa future through consultations the two parties would discuss whether to hold hearings.


The National Police Agency, Arrest team 'Baekoldan(White skull team)' Unit for the establishment of the 30th

"You could be see megaton power when arresting rally will be realized."

With regard to quell protests establishment of the Police Department early this year came yegohae 'tactical unit police officers' establishment in the coming 30 days. Civil society organizations on the establishment of the unit's police officers are "virtually the past baekgoldan (arrest team) resurrection of the" resistance.

The National Police Agency, "coming on the 28th of each unit of local agencies in training your employees and is scheduled to finish all the training, 30 days in Seoul, Yongsan hyochang playground activities, begin the formal inauguration of open expression," he said.

This time the establishment of the task force, which was a former police officer is not uigyeong deulroman configuration and the new employees were hired, to a great Police Department, and five great Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, affiliated to the national local departments 1,400 people nationwide, including more than 10 companies operating scale . They're working conditions of police officers were hired new police officers were all appointed by the cops.

Before the end of last year, the National Police Agency official letter to each through local agencies to "prepare for the future, they will reduce uigyeong(poiliceman on duty) ago, the police unit was founded when life safety, public welfare and transportation sectors, including security guards and facilities and, in particular, demonstrations To be able to realize megatongeup explosiveness in the field of management, "he said. Seoul, a city police personnel expenses, "reported the body primarily starter, but this squad has arrested baekgoldan totally different impression from what I have to be different," he said.

The civil society, not only when a candlelight vigil to show their professional police officers in riot gear push aspect, and they will arrest and aggressively to quell protests concerned. Civil rights era practice of the secretariat, ohchangik "uigyeong ago to abolish the establishment of the task force, a police officer on the premise that, in case the situation in the former uigyeong jonchi system in which workers are trying to control demonstrations reinforced 'establishment of a second baekgoldan 'Viewed as inevitable, "said" these measures will rally to protest the government's showing the level of awareness, and it looks like regretful chidatneun the structure of confrontation with the people, "he said.

"Break the vicious cycle of violence must be abolished before the economy"

"Break the vicious cycle of violence must be abolished before the economy"

He was preparing for a press conference. Some of the press conference, comes tumbling down after the press conference asked that the accused does not have to worry about. I did not want him to the top army society is obviously, to adapt to military life like they did not make it to make sarcastic.

Ⓒ imjaeseong

(picture)Mr.Lee Gil Joon

"I want to inform a lot, but activists are often strategic, not just an accident than people know, I need a lot of heart. Strategy while there are people like me, and whistle-blowers as violent as those inside, how we operate and who had wanted to reveal Another young successors to turn out demonstrators protested in conflict with the government wanted to make.

The press conference is' solidarity for the abolition of the economy before the 'contact with those active in the preparation together. Specifically, some still claim that what we can not worry. These claims, rather than just tremendous that there are people now think that it is notifying people. And through that process somewhere in the calmly worries people like me hope that we can continue.

The internal culture of violence is clearly one of the reasons I like this decision. If it were not for a candlelight rally, however, have taken the decision to get off. Just now, as adapted and survived as peacefully. A little less and they are not bothering her senior. "

-- During a candlelight rally in the internal situation is more violences?

"Candlelight rally since June, it going to tougher since the internal atmosphere was about to get the successors to relax and undisciplined they were nominal. Punishment or on a bus in the post-war protesters hits. Persists, the more internal candlelight vigil violences activity is severely deep. July, the right thing every day. "

He was extremely reluctant to talk at this point. His decision would damage someone else because you do not want to wear. He was a 'structural problems' he said. That's why he's such a vicious circle is repeated before the economy should be abolished. But all problems not belongs to structure problem. He must now before the theirs choice, and resist, and said he hopes so. The length of his decision difficult, but I wish them the courage to say.

"My parents may suffering heart aches by me."

Finally, parents are asked whether you know the facts. This decision could lead to a situation jail . and parents will be worried about either, since I have accepted this.

"I tell him the night or tomorrow morning, probably never will understand me.. Can convince parents that he is not telling you the truth, but I'm feeling a pain, but I've chosen it because we can accept me because of my parents are If you think I'm really sorry for the pain of heart hurt by me. "

After the press conference that he Jongno 5 KNCC (Korean National Christian Council of Churches) to start the strike. Comeback City, 8:00 ganin cigars will come after military police to catch him. Some people are looking for a normal departure from the ban until a press conference yard catch miss-returned uigyeong emerged how hard it is obvious. These are entirely in him and his record of military service gave whisked off to win no matter how 'Bastard' hyeolan will be trying to create.

Do you think we should hold him. Carrying candles and wanted to shield his helmet into the youth. "I do not know what to say to my parents saying, she'll go to work, going to jail, but I apologize to my parents and how things" to the youth. Eventually his blame and punish those who the brink of a youth.

The principal tool in a riot of conscience

The principal tool in a riot of conscience

Ⓒ gwonwooseong
Salsucha (water cannon vehicle)

At dawn one day in the near Seoul KyungBook Castle Station on risk of mad cow disease and U.S. beef imports contrary to the requirement of the students are renegotiated with the police salsucha (water cannon vehicle).

"And after the riot, a senior from listening to pokeon realized something wrong, and I think that anil. Rallies throughout June and continue to mobilize all night to prevent what was a tough body, but I can tolerate a meaningless Could not possibly take action.

To exercise the same people toward violence, whether it is realized, because there is no justification. Piketman demonstrators holding a shield in front was hard. Police said the hecklers throwing to people's the chest. Do not cry when it's wearing a helmet.

That situation had initially attempted to escape. Will not be able to go out to quell protests hurt so I thought I'd broken a leg. Moving to other departments, can we do more. But I can not get everything eventually was sent to six months so long and so hard. Fortunately, in June, directly or dissolution quell demonstrators blocking the role rather than a recipe because I think she was able to hold out.

7 Months and non-evasive action, beyond resistance , Should not we thought. This resistance was not wanted. Even if this compromise seemed to be a shame if the future too. Proudly wants to live the good 'selfishness' I felt like that. Twenty-old boy and a candlelight vigil this god of power tools are used as much as you can see that. That was never more than it can maintain a duty. "

Ttaeryeora, but invisible ttaeryeora (Hit them. but it must be undercovered)

"Ttaeryeora, but invisible ttaeryeora"
- means , Hit them. but it must be undercovered

Ⓒ gwonwooseong
Forced dissolution

At dawn one day in the entrance of the Blue House in Seoul Hyoja risk of mad cow disease and U.S. beef imports all night to demand renegotiation and the opposition started protesting citizens, students, the police salsucha (water cannon vehicle) to be dismissed and forced to mobilize.

"The demonstrators waited for a preemptive attack on the subjective judgement of what is not," he asked. "We want action demonstrators caught pod, which is justification to shoot water cannon vehicle waiting to happen, it is the dominant mood at the time," he said. But a senior position on the tube, about how to educate the people tell me altogether.

"Ttaeryeora. Ttaerineunde ttaeryeora invisible(Hit them! Hit them as nobody never knows.) Everybody has a camera these days, so do not shield a bit rough for example, the shanks car."

To quell the water cannon vehicle discharges water began. The morning sun is posted At Kwanghwamun , people has been blood in the streets that morning.

"Water cannon vehicle moment is to continue forward, I said went in the back, pushing it to go forward without any mental blaze. People push and push until the end, at Gwanghwamun, the morning sun until you get to quell. On the road, my humanity was burnt out. Doing what I wanted done, of course, the demonstrators during violent resistance to one person could do. I have to feel badly hit, but it did not feel at all that people are unarmed and I'm holding a shield. Sounds in the state jumped to gone, because that way you will be citizens who have been on the big fear. "

If the air to a larger sound, to see if the troops to go back to live in violence on police. The violent culture within the society uigyeong is less serious than some active duty soldiers. It is not an internal to external human eye to see no choice but to change too.

"The atmosphere is the dominant underlying uigyeong demonstrators themselves to make and I'm tired, that the enemy is just business as a quick." he said. Guidelines for protecting quell demonstrators, but it always have troubled and not to quell it. 20 countries are so powerful tools for their own causes young people to the streets, laying them to navigate the increasingly brutal violence against demonstrators that event.

Uigyeong(Police on duty) wanted to be with a candlelight rally

Uigyeong(Police on duty) wanted to be with a candlelight rally

Ⓒ Copyright imjaeseong

-- When did the police duty to serve? When the obligation to support the police, they could go out to quell protests Did you know?

"Police duty to serve since February last year. Universities around two years to three years and the publishing house or temporary absence from the library I was finding so-called social problems, but was not interested in talking about the activist had, for conscription. He had been critical perspective. Compromise point was their duty to support the police. Uigyeong quell protests, but other than the vague way that would be able to think clearly on duty.

Larger duty police patrol and crime prevention task force. Divided into Seoul says Jungnang win gave police patrol, crime prevention, patrol the area while she was primarily a law enforcement assistance. Let's roll of major national facilities around the bases to patrol had been working, but the situation as candles mobilization rally Has changed.

Last May outside a friend's letter to U.S. beef imports through the candlelight vigil for the issues being heard in the story. Inside the good news or read the papers because they can not see the concrete situation, I did not know about, at first, like other protesters' Some people are a little negative idea was to some extent.

Stories from the weekend leave the neighborhood. We did not really worried about that because I think at bases such as criminal records. That fell far behind the actual week, demonstrators and alleys to keep working. But it is usually the time fixed on that day there was no fixed time. So I think something weird.

Since direct participation in regular meetings saw the candles went out and stayed out all night. Opening people's lives are at stake so irresponsibility. amazed and wondered how people angry about the regime. And I think I want to join together, but eventually their jobs back, while I have no choice but to stand on the other side of things. But then I saw it would be. Now if you think it was his own rationalization.

The atmosphere is different from the day after the army had gwidaehan. It was May 31 that day. I was really thinking about the task force, without waiting buses. Power has been ordered. To quell wearing suits, Shields said, holding a double somewhere. I do not know English without any mental or alley, facing demonstrators. Then I saw the front. At that time, there were college students in front of Hyoja way to remember. Everybody something big happens you yelling at me just as nervous, but I can tell did not feel real. To hear the sounds coming out of water cannon vehicle. 'You did not and will not shoot' thinking. Water cannon vehicle waited over two hours. The justification for a preemptive attack on demonstrators waited to achieve. "

South Korea: National Human Rights Commission, the independent survival of serious concern

original news = http://www.amnesty.or.jp/modules/news/article.php?storyid=427

Amnesty International has Akihiro Ri (Lee Myung Bak) of South Korea is the next president of independent agency, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to change the status of the presidential office under the jurisdiction of the place to express concern over plans to Doing. The move follows the January 16, 2008 to his transition team announced organizational change is part of the plan.

National Human Rights Commission of the National Human Rights Commission Act 2001 as an independent agency established. Article 3 of this law, the principles concerning the status of national human rights institutions (Paris Principles) in accordance with the National Human Rights Commission acknowledged that independence. In addition, the committee's independence in Article 10 of the Constitution guarantees the human rights obligations as stipulated in the.

National Human Rights Commission's independence is lost, there's no censorship and domestic public opinion to the issue of human rights and privileges for the loss of objectivity. The victims, their families and other individuals and organizations that appeal to the National Human Rights Commission that it would hamper. Fearing retaliation, or hope to win justice is lost. Amnesty International is the National Human Rights Commission to put under the jurisdiction of the presidential office is to promote and protect human rights in Korea to bring it to retreat to believe that.

The purpose of the national human rights institutions to protect and promote human rights, therefore, a wide range of human rights and individual human rights complaints that effective investigation, based on recommendations to them. The majority of human rights violations done by the state from the principles of international standards, particularly in Paris, the national human rights institutions to fulfill the original mission, the administrative organ of executive power from the government to maintain the independence of the importance Stressed that.

Amnesty International is the National Human Rights Commission as an independent body to maintain the current status of the next president to press for Lee Myung-bak.

Amnesty International news release
AI Index: ASA 25/001/2008
January 18, 2008

韓国 : 国家人権委員会、独立性の存続に深刻な懸念

original news = http://www.amnesty.or.jp/modules/news/article.php?storyid=427

アムネスティ・インターナショナルは大韓民国の李明博(イ・ミョンバク)次期大統領が独立機関である国家人権委員会(NHRC)の地位を変更し、大統領府の 管轄下に置く計画を表明したことに対し懸念を抱いている。この動きは2008年1月16日に同氏の政権移行作業チームが発表した組織改変案の一部である。

国 家人権委員会は国家人権委員会法により2001 年に独立機関として設立された。この法律の第3条では、国内人権機関の地位に関する原則(パリ原則)に従い国家人権委員会の独立性を認めている。また、同 委員会の独立性は憲法第10条においても人権を保障する義務として規定されている。

国家人権委員会の独立性が失われれば、検閲のおそれな しに公然と国内の人権問題に関して意見を述べる権限や客観性が損なわれるだろう。また、被害者やその家族、その他の個人および組織が国家人権委員会に訴え ることを阻害することも考えられる。報復を恐れ、あるいは正義を勝ち取る希望が失われるためである。アムネスティ・インターナショナルは、国家人権委員会 を大統領府の管轄下に置くことは韓国の人権擁護と促進を後退させることになると確信している。

国内人権機関の目的は人権を促進し守ること であり、そのために、広範な人権問題や個人の人権侵害の申し立てについて効果的な調査を行い、それらに基づいて勧告をすることである。人権侵害の大部分は 国家によって行われることから、国際基準とりわけパリ原則では、国内人権機関の本来の使命を果たすため、執行力のある行政機関である政府からの独立性を保 つことの重要性を強調している。


AI Index:ASA 25/001/2008

Press Statement of the Joint Fact-Finding Mission of Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development...

Press Statement of the Joint Fact-Finding Mission of Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHCR)

I. Background of the Mission

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) and the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) decided to conduct a fact-finding mission, consisting of four members, to South Korea from 21-24 July 2008 in the light of numerous reports of human rights violations since May. The two regional human rights organisations consider the events recently occurring in South Korea of regional importance because South Korea is viewed as a benchmark for democracy and human rights in Asia. We believe that the decline of democracy and increase of human rights violations in South Korea would have an impact on the rest of the region.

The main focus of our mission has been to examine the situation of human rights defenders and the state of freedom of opinion and expression in the light of the rallies against the agreement between the United States and South Korea to lift US beef import restrictions. It is especially significant for us to look into the situation of human rights defenders since this year is the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders. The adoption of this declaration is important as it is viewed as a step towards the promotion and protection of the rights of human rights defenders because it outlines the responsibilities of states and non-state actors in protecting these persons’ rights.

During our mission this week, we met with eight non-governmental organisations (NGOs), 12 human rights defenders (e.g. lawyers, NGO workers, journalists, and medical workers), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK). We also attended the trial of a human rights defender, Ms. Yoon Hee-Sook. We requested appointments with the Ministry of Justice and the National Police Agency. Because of the Ministry of Justice’s busy schedule, we were not able to meet them this week. There was no response to our request from the National Police Agency. We also sent a request to the Seoul Detention Center to meet with four detainees, Mr. Ahn Jin-Geol, Mr. Hwang Soon-Won, Ms. Yoon Hee-Sook, and Mr. Moon Yong-Sik. The Seoul Detention Center refused our request.

II. Initial Findings

It is important for us to note that this press conference may be the conclusion of our visit, but not the conclusion of our mission. Even after our departure, we will continue communicating with government and human rights defenders in South Korea. In fact, we have transmitted a list of questions and concerns to the Ministry of Justice and we await their response.

Our initial findings show that there have been incidents of attacks against human rights defenders during the series of rallies over the past two months. Also, we have found that there is a trend towards unduly limiting freedom of opinion and expression in the media and the internet.

The information we have gathered indicate that most of the attacks against human rights defenders were committed by riot police. We note that the riot police deployed to these rallies consist of young men, between the ages of 19 and 23, who have been conscript-xed. For instance, we have gathered information that about a journalist who was attacked by riot police on 29 June, at 7 o’clock in the evening, in front of the Samsung Tower. This journalist was taking pictures with his camcorder of the protest when a group of riot police rushed towards him, surrounded him, and started beating him up. His camcorder was damaged because of the attack. Another case we have documented is about a volunteer medical worker who was attacked in front of the Press Center on 28 June, at 10 o’clock in the evening. She was wearing a helmet and a vest which clearly identified her as part of the volunteer medical team. Despite her being clearly identified as a volunteer medical worker, riot police rushed towards her and hit her with a shield. She fell down and got back up, but despite her injuries she continued to assist the injured people, which included several riot policemen. We have also gathered information about a lawyer who was wearing a vest which was clearly marked “A Group of Lawyers Monitoring Human Rights Violations.” He was beaten unconscious by riot police on 26 June, at around 1:30 in the morning.

Some of the information we have gathered on the trend towards increasing restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression include proposed expansion of criminal defamation into cyberspace. We view this as going against the global trend of decriminalizing defamation. Criminal defamation statutes have been viewed as undue infringement of freedom of opinion and expression since it has often been used by governments to suppress political dissent and democratic discourse. We also emphasize that under international law, governments and public officials should expect less protection under defamation statutes because of their status as servants of the people.

We have also gathered information of apparent attempts to censor media, such as the case of MBC’s PD Notebook program.

III. Recommendations

Based on our initial findings, we therefore recommend the following:

(a) To the government:

· Set an example in the region in the compliance of international human rights standards, considering the fact that it is a member of the UN Human Rights Council;

· Take steps to implement the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders;

· Conduct investigations into allegations on attacks against human rights defenders and bring perpetrators to justice;

· Abolish the current system of conscript-xion of young men into the riot police;

(b) To the Ministry of Justice:

· Amend laws unduly restricting freedom of opinion, expression and assembly, in particular those provisions under the Act on Assembly and Demonstration which prohibit public assemblies after dark;

· Comply with international human rights standards and decriminalize defamation in order to promote democratic discourse;

(c) To the National Police Agency:

· Provide comprehensive and mandatory training to police officers that are deployed to rallies and assemblies, so that these police officers would understand that as guarantors of people’s dignity and rights, they also need to respect the right to free flow of information and ensure the right to freedom of assembly;

· Make human rights training mandatory to all police officers in accordance with international standards;

(d) To the National Human Rights Commission of Korea:

· Strive to keep the independence that has made it highly regarded in the region, as its independence is essential to its effectiveness to protect human rights defenders on the ground.

IV. Future Steps

As we have mentioned earlier, we will continue to communicate with government and human rights defenders in Korea. Moreover, FORUM-ASIA and AHRC aim to use our findings to launch a campaign at the UN Human Rights Council regarding the human rights situation in South Korea. We hope to encourage the relevant special procedures (e.g. Special Rapporteurs on Human Rights Defenders, Freedom of Opinion and Expression, and the Right to Health) to accept the standing invitation of the government and conduct country visits to investigate the human rights situation in South Korea.

Next may be UN Human rights defenders or Union of International Human-Rights.
Who will believes how it could be possible even Korea is a nation of democracy ?
The leader of riot police department's brother is one of stockholder of ruin stores.
And goverment try to cover up a fact.
Even YouTUBE has been got warned by Korean goverment and them blocked(blinded) korean IP on one video that is a record of TV-show telling about suspicion about brother of leader of Korean police department.

Blinding people's eyes is easy.
But deceiving the truth is not easy.
The history never forget the facts of crimes.

I wish the truth will be disclosed.
We could be know who was lier, who has been criminal acts.

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