"Break the vicious cycle of violence must be abolished before the economy"

"Break the vicious cycle of violence must be abolished before the economy"

He was preparing for a press conference. Some of the press conference, comes tumbling down after the press conference asked that the accused does not have to worry about. I did not want him to the top army society is obviously, to adapt to military life like they did not make it to make sarcastic.

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(picture)Mr.Lee Gil Joon

"I want to inform a lot, but activists are often strategic, not just an accident than people know, I need a lot of heart. Strategy while there are people like me, and whistle-blowers as violent as those inside, how we operate and who had wanted to reveal Another young successors to turn out demonstrators protested in conflict with the government wanted to make.

The press conference is' solidarity for the abolition of the economy before the 'contact with those active in the preparation together. Specifically, some still claim that what we can not worry. These claims, rather than just tremendous that there are people now think that it is notifying people. And through that process somewhere in the calmly worries people like me hope that we can continue.

The internal culture of violence is clearly one of the reasons I like this decision. If it were not for a candlelight rally, however, have taken the decision to get off. Just now, as adapted and survived as peacefully. A little less and they are not bothering her senior. "

-- During a candlelight rally in the internal situation is more violences?

"Candlelight rally since June, it going to tougher since the internal atmosphere was about to get the successors to relax and undisciplined they were nominal. Punishment or on a bus in the post-war protesters hits. Persists, the more internal candlelight vigil violences activity is severely deep. July, the right thing every day. "

He was extremely reluctant to talk at this point. His decision would damage someone else because you do not want to wear. He was a 'structural problems' he said. That's why he's such a vicious circle is repeated before the economy should be abolished. But all problems not belongs to structure problem. He must now before the theirs choice, and resist, and said he hopes so. The length of his decision difficult, but I wish them the courage to say.

"My parents may suffering heart aches by me."

Finally, parents are asked whether you know the facts. This decision could lead to a situation jail . and parents will be worried about either, since I have accepted this.

"I tell him the night or tomorrow morning, probably never will understand me.. Can convince parents that he is not telling you the truth, but I'm feeling a pain, but I've chosen it because we can accept me because of my parents are If you think I'm really sorry for the pain of heart hurt by me. "

After the press conference that he Jongno 5 KNCC (Korean National Christian Council of Churches) to start the strike. Comeback City, 8:00 ganin cigars will come after military police to catch him. Some people are looking for a normal departure from the ban until a press conference yard catch miss-returned uigyeong emerged how hard it is obvious. These are entirely in him and his record of military service gave whisked off to win no matter how 'Bastard' hyeolan will be trying to create.

Do you think we should hold him. Carrying candles and wanted to shield his helmet into the youth. "I do not know what to say to my parents saying, she'll go to work, going to jail, but I apologize to my parents and how things" to the youth. Eventually his blame and punish those who the brink of a youth.

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