The principal tool in a riot of conscience

The principal tool in a riot of conscience

Ⓒ gwonwooseong
Salsucha (water cannon vehicle)

At dawn one day in the near Seoul KyungBook Castle Station on risk of mad cow disease and U.S. beef imports contrary to the requirement of the students are renegotiated with the police salsucha (water cannon vehicle).

"And after the riot, a senior from listening to pokeon realized something wrong, and I think that anil. Rallies throughout June and continue to mobilize all night to prevent what was a tough body, but I can tolerate a meaningless Could not possibly take action.

To exercise the same people toward violence, whether it is realized, because there is no justification. Piketman demonstrators holding a shield in front was hard. Police said the hecklers throwing to people's the chest. Do not cry when it's wearing a helmet.

That situation had initially attempted to escape. Will not be able to go out to quell protests hurt so I thought I'd broken a leg. Moving to other departments, can we do more. But I can not get everything eventually was sent to six months so long and so hard. Fortunately, in June, directly or dissolution quell demonstrators blocking the role rather than a recipe because I think she was able to hold out.

7 Months and non-evasive action, beyond resistance , Should not we thought. This resistance was not wanted. Even if this compromise seemed to be a shame if the future too. Proudly wants to live the good 'selfishness' I felt like that. Twenty-old boy and a candlelight vigil this god of power tools are used as much as you can see that. That was never more than it can maintain a duty. "

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