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Only 0.1 percent enjoying the Republic of Korea 'preference really luxury'

Recession, not stirred 'VVIP marketing' Today

Soaring inflation and recession as ordinary people are no longer wealthy, thanks to various points in the rich benefits of money. Recently, the domestic economy is shrinking as department stores, credit cards, advanced automotive, banking and various other VVIP marketing industry is because of the 'out war rages on'.

VVIP (very very important person) What is more important than the person, VIP term customers say. I suffered a recession in the general market, they the first half, led by luxury goods market has only grown more than 40 percent. VIP marketing for the aristocratic past, but it level of marketing across the royals' emotional and luxury ' items and events of the rich to open their wallet. Touring Opera, as well as abroad golf game invitation concerts, children golf lessons, charter passes, a similar level of the house of matchmaking ranging from 0.1% to the Republic of Korea VVIP marketing is beyond imagination.

Exclusive wines from charter services.

Mr. Chung(Lives in 55 Cheongdam-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul) Trading gain recently staying in Dubai 6 of the World Star Jumeyira Hotel 100 words nateu drive of course assume the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi jebil hapiteu mountainous and coastal highways in the drive. Hyundai Veracruz is because of the benefits given to customers who purchased. He also last May Shilla Hotel in malen wine critic Robert Parker has recommended that the world's finest wine tasting and even a dinner attended. Samsung Card was scratched about 10 million won per month as a result VVIP membership.

"Born in country, and Didn't caliber Seoul until the middle school, I was a little errands , delivering rice wine for father. Trip to Dubai, it's nice to money, so I'd like wine party... But I'm afraid of imported passenger cars , feared tracking tax attorney, my friend. Mercedes Golf Lessons succession child tatdeoni make any sense to me. Saver gone quietly. "

Chung marketing of entertainment, like a VVIP is more special services they want. Upstairs is also the best customers are fewer companies, each dozens, as many as 1,000 people out of the VVIP more specific. Round-income consumers is unclear marketing aimed at strengthening the shortcut because it maximizes revenue.

It was the most actively department store industry. Department stores are expected to get worse this year, the domestic economy is sluggish sales and marketing to make up for 0.1% of ideas being squeezed. Lotte Department Store, according to data from the customer's sales last year, the top 20 percent of the total revenue amounted to 77 percent. Last year, the top 1 percent of the sales headquarters is based on 23 percent, 5 percent higher percentage of sales was 44 percent. Insipid than 100 customers dearly, this is one of the reasons aljja VVIP.

Lotte Department Store is 3 million dalhaetdeon MVG (most valuableguest) members starting this month "Prestige" (1,600 people) "Crowns" (4 consecutive years, attendees MVG 5000) " MVG" as a regular service between Lebendiker differential. The prestige of helping members have a personal beauties "Konsiejeu (concierge)" shop when providing services to Daedong. Annual purchase more than 300 million won and Hyundai Department Store was for luxury customer relationship management system to 5 billion 700 million won and 10 billion won in segmentation. Twice a year to customers in more than one billion won charter passes, 50-day round-the-world luxury cruise and incentive travel industry. Trinity club Shinsegae Department Store (999 people) to target the golf tournament will be held in June.

Products aimed at the VVIP card company is also being introduced. Hyundai Card annual fee is 1 million won, limit use of super premium cards January 1 billion in 'Black' is released, belonging to five percent premium to the domestic top-tier card for 'more Purple (the Purple)' announced. Designer Karim Rashid is a world of microscopic metal surface decoration and design matatgo deadline to report card is 100% done by hand just by touching it. Members receive a gift package along with three million won worth of ticket upgrades, and meetings with celebrities and special experience opportunities will be offered. Last year, representatives of the industry's luxury brand, Louis Vuitton or a breakfast with a representative of Louis Vuitton's Eve Kassel, including winning actor Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Hee-ae sonyejinssi celebrity Many people attending the party were also invited.

VVIP marketing companies to focus on doing their imported cars. BMW held in Jeju Island, Korea 'Championship Valentine' 50 customers were invited to golf tournaments, and eight of rounding also arrange with professional golfers. Canada's Mercedes-Benz 'Mercedes-card' to customers with business class tickets on Asiana Airlines to upgrade to first class for free when you buy them. Hana Bank, Shinhan Bank and other financial industry too. They are members VVIP only for musicals, concerts and a yacht that will open the party line.

Large companies, department stores, and that will not only VVIP marketing. He is a regular customer of the Italian luxury brand Briault Briault your island tourist island, as well as inviting as creating custom suit claimed, also from Italy Ferragamo suggest customers to buy directly Bryant fits their feet and gave hand-made shoes due to the design. Moe's surgery and dermatology in Gangnam and manage all over the place from time to time a regular customer who comes to pick up a custom-made fur Scholl to 3 million won worth of gifts and jewelry shops to operate their own liver gejang yeosajang who is a regular, and Kimchi presents litter. Assi, who was also curator of the exhibition in a gallery sponsored by the theocratic gave her a VVIP customers' Daejanggeum 'as a cook in a restaurant run by the famous Han Bok-Ryeo kimchi to order, organic BangZa(A bottle) thoroughly, put them on gifts, including a reported customer management.

VVIP culture and has no soul

If so, so customers who VVIP treatment it receives. Black card to card industry introduced the first modern VVIP card is the black marketing of cardholders who attempted to analyze the results, the average age of members is 50 years of age and is a member of the approximately 68.1%, according to a survey companies large and small. Lawyers, doctors, accountants and professional occupations was 17.6 percent of the foreign companies, entertainment and media culture and social workers, public institutions, such as Arroyo said. In addition, most of them in Seoul (75 percent) of living in Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa Gangnam three phrases such as 58 percent of the total. In addition, customers are VVIP Airlines (14 percent), golf (10%), Special geuphotel 1 (8%) card is used primarily for use, according to a survey. The monthly average amount of card usage reached 6.3 million won for two to three times the average worker's pay increase. The second quarter and 4 percent quarter on quarter, said many card usage. Guards composed as men and women are roughly six men, four women were due to the amount usage is 70 percent male, 30 percent were women.

It is their money , rich economy to enable them to write. Another patient revenue customers appreciate superior to the Insurance companies are also a variety of benefits and natural. No wonder, but the marketing of our VVIP bitter taste. Lee Jeong-Ho researcher at Samsung Economic Research Institute "It is a polarized century, in an age of uncertainty VVIP marketing strategy for survival is inevitable but useful and understandable if you do not have justification to grant might be a target of social must also bear in mind that," he said.

Hong Hyeon-Jong ,cultural critic, said, "all comes down generation after generation ancestor, including the United States, the wealthy Rockefeller (Old Money) are emerging, such as Bill Gates, of course, the rich rather than write their own money for the museum only hospitals, schools, charities and donations sharing The joy of our country is important to pursue consumption and the resulting, ". " VVIP marketing, but also give them a joyful and charitable activities such as the program is too weak service already polarized people become terribly criticized. "he said.

Marketing the polarity of the VVIP an awful lot of them do. Kim Hyo-Seon music lover who has "recently went to the concert of Anna Sophie muteo invited VVIP members of the bank's parent playing in the wind hitting a player during a round of applause often do you feel embarrassed and could not properly listening to music," he said. Another member of the International Organization for VVIP Moe's department store hosted a charity fashion show to another, they are placed on the table after party charitable funds to put it in the envelope, but no one representative put it in. So they feels nuisance.

One industry official said imported cars "if the country's own vehicle purchases were not a symbol or profession." he said. "Mayibaheu is one of more than 1 billion won, chairman Lee Kun-hee, 20 years after the purchase price compared to other countries unusually Audi cars were sold a lot of reasons to do when opening Lium museum , Ms.Hong Ra-Hui drived Audi. " "There are real emphasis on the culture and soul to the upper class," he said.


Rich , not a real rich.
There are no real riches in Korea.

The conservative camp, 'America's betrayal' panic

"no confrontation with the United States," HanNaRa said "I sort of mentioned, but ..."

The ruling party newspaper, the conservative government and conservative camps is' betraying the United States' largely feel embarrassed. The most sensitive issue in the normal sense islets America , "Dokdo is not a Korean territorial.".

In particular, President George W. This comes six days after President Bush had on August 5 visit to Korea ,planning their big worry is more likely.

Korea-US summit, the presidential office of the United Nations been disputed islets' agendas over whether to raise the diplomatic line and the line between the radical differences in political affairs, said Thursday. Dokdo is a problem all of a sudden rain diplomatic agenda is to raise a word with him entry, while the line is the political affairs sub-national issues are not seosang andagan President Lee Myung-bak is a national anger and concerned.

GNP is sensitive to public sentiment in some form or another Korea-US summit might not have this problem, there is no mention.

day i n 30, in MBC radio , GNP representatives' attention focused SonSeokHui 'in an interview with "This story could have had none just move on without any dialogue," said "not a formal agenda or formal agenda, though I can not talk about it again." Korea-US summit to deal with that stance. However, Park said, "I'm the type or the formal summit, but now it's time I really do not know about enough time for the U.S. side to think of it as an excuse to do it," said U.S. pressure for a reaction.

Conservatinveness discussions are reaction to the more conservative media.
a 30-Day editorial < "Dokdo notation reparation," the U.S.>, while the U.S. has accused the United States must not publicly criticize the claims.

Editorial, "The reality is that the U.S. is unavoidable circumstances that caused the situation rather than be involved in the dispute, which in turn caused a dispute between the more it appears to be spreading," said "at least in the United States are against this thing for the United States to be boiling. Was no choice but to the United States to get something like this, you might wonder just what page "to resent the U.S. measures.

However, the editorial added, "Of course, Korea, USA and USA INABILITY raise their voices to growing criticism. However, this should also be a problem calmly calculated," "America's official position on the sovereignty of the Dokdo claims he would not admit it The U.S. president LeeSeungMan in 1952, including the Dokdo islets in the Republic of Korea since declared the peace lines to be effective and have not ruled that objections raised by us in a position to publicly attack the U.S. and get the pleasure of diplomatic Push What do you think should be awareness, "he said.

is just a step in the U.S. and deonaah daeripgak never said no to sewoseon said.
yinalja the editorial through " The upgrading of a strategic alliance with the U.S. would rather do than assessment, "said U.S. While pointing out the failure of diplomacy "(But) as part of a leftist intellectual who often set up to beat back the United States , or about North Korea expression does not embrace the principle of the policy should not be Groom. Korea-US alliance so that it loses the people's approval rating also will be losing a handshake, "he said.

'Territorial issue,' even the most fundamental issue is whether conservative camp. These people how to become acceptable, polite thing to favor weeks.


Stupid newspapers ...

International Amnesty concluded Korean Police's doubts.

Amnesty International (A.I) raised suspicions of the Korean Police Department(KPD).

Amnesty International raised by the police on September 29 and other false allegations are all true 'fake' police and the police, saying an announcement upon the fact the conservative media counterattacked.

Amnesty International branch at the United States through a press release that "the police official who made the comments about the international secretariat in the present answer, but some media reports are currently investigating the contents of Amnesty International has made false allegations, and there will be amplified in Several chapters in the United States regarding the official survey explained. "

First, the United States branch, "Amnesty International is presented as an example of excessive use of force if the woman's 24-year-old white collar, his arm is actually more than the absence of treatment immediately after violent by Police. Did not know that Amnesty International has presented a case of human rights abuses In fact, and the press have been different, "said" the investigation, however, Amnesty International said the women and heard testimony in direct face-to-face interviews with women in the hospital at the time, this was the situation in the hospital. In fact, unlike some of the reported contents of the certificate. 'Fractured right metatarsal bones executives' illness was obtainable, "he said.

The chapters of the United States' practices of arbitrary detention as a 31-year-old with a cartoon editor who actually does not exist 'claims that the police about the "first presented on June 8 this morning, but obtainable person detained in the June. For one day to come, this 31-year-old cartoon editor detained June 8, rather than 41 hours during one day in custody, was on the footway. "Amnesty International is a case about false facts and figures created two One case, "he said.

South Korea branch, "Amnesty International is a case of the poor health of the measures suggested by the Bar for the 27-year-old man police said was a handwritten signature to mention being detained 1 to change his mind and that I am not receiving treatment, he said."
"However, Amnesty International suggested that the police confirmed that a copy of the handwritten signature of the person Amnesty International investigator and the case will be presented directly to interview people and yieoteumeul Says completely different person, "he said.


Korean department try to hiding and perverting the truth.
People's right was wasted into past.
We want International departments bring out the truth for people in pain of perversion.