Public company CEO resignation, the political dimension vote of confidence

Gangmansu said "public company CEO resignation, the political dimension vote of confidence"

[CBS political reporter gwakinsuk] gangmansu, president of Planning and Finance Minister batch of public enterprises and the controversy regarding the resignation submitted "a political dimension vote of confidence," he revealed wavelength is rising.

Minister of public enterprises is 24 pm on gang-related measures, a special parliamentary committee held a full meeting on "public companies, President Roh instructed to pay a large batch of resignations," the Democratic lawmaker's query bakyoungseon "instructions rather than a political judgement to know," Bush said .

But Park said the "president for public companies to receive a resignation from the political judgement to be a problem," said "to receive vote of confidence, it is not obvious that any violation of doljanchi house," he criticized.

Park said, "the organization may be slowly rolled him go since he resigned in bulk, who sat in the newly gosoyoung, S line," "The River Church minister who wish for a male eokulhae hasideonde all that people like robots." "There Captain part," said sarcastically.

Rivers responded: "People who do not wish at all churches," he said.

Park said: "gamtu sharing plausible for a public company advancement of mere slogans, entitled" "The minister could not answer correctly, it might have something to hide" and "vice minister sacked, knowing metalab values do not know the reason, public corporations advancement measures You do not know how to proceed on the map. Minister put the inflation rate would put what he's worked, "he strongly criticized.

The Minister of the river, "you can not answer because it is not Buddha, not a direct responsibility resignation has not said he was unaware," he said.

Park said, "the president said the ruling is a political vote of confidence to ask her to resign Whatever the situation can not answer, saying ministers had also interpreted as a political sense because we did talk about what a public company chairman, president and yiseokhyeon bulk to hold a hearing related to resign Demanded.

GNP lawmakers goseungdeok ahead, "Batch resignation as public enterprises are still a lot of work spaces are vacant, and the consequences" and that "public corporations, senior representative for the process must proceed quickly," he said.

The chairman of the "tenure did not end with a vote of confidence he seems not appropriate representation" gansa future through consultations the two parties would discuss whether to hold hearings.


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