Intel DualCore/Core2Duo/HT patch for WindowsXP Korean. (KB896256)

This is automatically identifies system and creates KB896256 patch file and executes on its instance. (if CPU and system not supports HT/DaulCore/Core2Duo , it may not be installing)
Sure it will automatically adjust some windows system registry and boot.ini for increasing performance.
It is for Korean WindowsXP and 32bit.

Please donwload on my Korean Blog.

A free MP4/AAC audio encoder/decoder , NAACESHL 1.8.9

A free MP4/AAC audio encoder/decoder , NAACESHL 1.8.9

- Modified automatic installation pacakage.
- Automatic Language Selection by OS.
- Can be choose language by /KR and /EN option.
- Fixed problem that progress bar seems something strange after drag and drop files and selected one file.
- Stop encoding not response problem fixed.
- Some components modified.
- Compatibles all 32bit Windows OS.
- new version of bass.dll and Nero Encoders .

Known bugs:
- RICHEDIT capacity error.This program is all free to use.Commercial using not allowed by Nero AAC encoder.
- Please visit my own homepage for downloading
- Location is http://myhome.bcpark.net/~rage/view.php?&bbs_id=dbmyworkpds&page=&doc_num=43

NateOn remover and source code.

In yesterday, I have made this program for some WindowsVISTA users.
Some WindowsVISTA could'nt uninstalls NateOn messanser.
So I modified previous source code for uninstalling NateOn even it dosen't installed as well.
Updates are
- Detects Windows version. Only CS_SHADOW works on windowsXP.
- Some wrong detecting registry key value fixed.
- Even there is no installed information on Windows registry, it scans hard disk for uninstalling files.
Open source code means :
- I never update this program.
- Source code is free, so everyone can be make new one from my source code.
Source Codes :
- Only simple C and Windows APIs with DEV-C++
To Download :
- Please visit my Korean blog site and find -바이너리- , -소스코드-
- 바이너리 means BINARY
- 소스코드 means SOURCE CODE
- download location is = http://denkami.tistory.com/81