The National Police Agency, Arrest team 'Baekoldan(White skull team)' Unit for the establishment of the 30th

"You could be see megaton power when arresting rally will be realized."

With regard to quell protests establishment of the Police Department early this year came yegohae 'tactical unit police officers' establishment in the coming 30 days. Civil society organizations on the establishment of the unit's police officers are "virtually the past baekgoldan (arrest team) resurrection of the" resistance.

The National Police Agency, "coming on the 28th of each unit of local agencies in training your employees and is scheduled to finish all the training, 30 days in Seoul, Yongsan hyochang playground activities, begin the formal inauguration of open expression," he said.

This time the establishment of the task force, which was a former police officer is not uigyeong deulroman configuration and the new employees were hired, to a great Police Department, and five great Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, affiliated to the national local departments 1,400 people nationwide, including more than 10 companies operating scale . They're working conditions of police officers were hired new police officers were all appointed by the cops.

Before the end of last year, the National Police Agency official letter to each through local agencies to "prepare for the future, they will reduce uigyeong(poiliceman on duty) ago, the police unit was founded when life safety, public welfare and transportation sectors, including security guards and facilities and, in particular, demonstrations To be able to realize megatongeup explosiveness in the field of management, "he said. Seoul, a city police personnel expenses, "reported the body primarily starter, but this squad has arrested baekgoldan totally different impression from what I have to be different," he said.

The civil society, not only when a candlelight vigil to show their professional police officers in riot gear push aspect, and they will arrest and aggressively to quell protests concerned. Civil rights era practice of the secretariat, ohchangik "uigyeong ago to abolish the establishment of the task force, a police officer on the premise that, in case the situation in the former uigyeong jonchi system in which workers are trying to control demonstrations reinforced 'establishment of a second baekgoldan 'Viewed as inevitable, "said" these measures will rally to protest the government's showing the level of awareness, and it looks like regretful chidatneun the structure of confrontation with the people, "he said.

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