ARF chairman statement, declaring support of 10.4

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Yesterday in Singapore at the ASEAN Regional Forum declaration, the results based on 10.4 Inter-Korean dialogue last October to support the content of the statement, Chairman of the avian influenza.

10 years after diplomatic confrontation jaeyeondoen as a result of inter-Korean declaration and 6.15 for a reserved attitude to declare 10.4 boyeoon expected to be a serious blow for the government of Lee Myung-bak.

Wangseontaek Press reporter from Singapore.


East Asian countries focused on 27 countries participating in the ASEAN Regional Forum due to problems in the South and North daeripgak to Mount Geumgang earlier.

Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said the visit to Kumgang, North Korea to accept inspectors with regard to the truth of our urge to explain the government's stance.

[Transcript: Yu Myung-hwan, Minister of Foreign]
"This incident has claimed the two Koreas should be resolved through consultations soon the funds."

The problem is North Korea's Mount Geumgang in the South and North bakuichun oemusang problem briefly respond.

Instead, the administration is in denial about the June 15 Joint Declaration and the emergence of South Korea military exercise held haekseonje attacks, including the Korean Peninsula based on the doctrine of peace is being threatened offensive beolyeotseup criticism, saying the South.

North Korea accused South Korea is blatantly offensive, separate from ASEAN friendship and cooperation treaty signed with expressions such as the Armed Forces immortal image for pledging to improve operations and the bush.

[Transcript: yidongil, chief North Korean Foreign Ministry]
"The area of expanding friendly relations with all countries of the region's commitment to peace and safety for yibajihagi pyohyeopipnida."

ARF is the result of a confrontation after South and North Korea over Singapore Foreign Minister George, chairman of the talks and announce the results jonghaphan 10.4 statement declaring his support for inter-Korean dialogue based on the country.

6.15 declarations and reservations about the declaration 10.4 boyeoon attitudes from the very government danghokseureon result of Lee Myung-bak.

After all issues are also included in the Mount Geumgang presidential statement expected to be resolved soon, but the processing line.
The United States is working diligently to put pressure on North Korea, South Korea, North Korea also criticized the offensive against the 10 years since the inter-Korean confrontation and diplomacy reenactments.

Meanwhile, India, Korea, ASEAN has pushed up the list of major attention, I think the international community, including the status and influence is falling rather than narrowing.

YTN wangseontaekipnida in Singapore.

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