Uigyeong(Police on duty) wanted to be with a candlelight rally

Uigyeong(Police on duty) wanted to be with a candlelight rally

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-- When did the police duty to serve? When the obligation to support the police, they could go out to quell protests Did you know?

"Police duty to serve since February last year. Universities around two years to three years and the publishing house or temporary absence from the library I was finding so-called social problems, but was not interested in talking about the activist had, for conscription. He had been critical perspective. Compromise point was their duty to support the police. Uigyeong quell protests, but other than the vague way that would be able to think clearly on duty.

Larger duty police patrol and crime prevention task force. Divided into Seoul says Jungnang win gave police patrol, crime prevention, patrol the area while she was primarily a law enforcement assistance. Let's roll of major national facilities around the bases to patrol had been working, but the situation as candles mobilization rally Has changed.

Last May outside a friend's letter to U.S. beef imports through the candlelight vigil for the issues being heard in the story. Inside the good news or read the papers because they can not see the concrete situation, I did not know about, at first, like other protesters' Some people are a little negative idea was to some extent.

Stories from the weekend leave the neighborhood. We did not really worried about that because I think at bases such as criminal records. That fell far behind the actual week, demonstrators and alleys to keep working. But it is usually the time fixed on that day there was no fixed time. So I think something weird.

Since direct participation in regular meetings saw the candles went out and stayed out all night. Opening people's lives are at stake so irresponsibility. amazed and wondered how people angry about the regime. And I think I want to join together, but eventually their jobs back, while I have no choice but to stand on the other side of things. But then I saw it would be. Now if you think it was his own rationalization.

The atmosphere is different from the day after the army had gwidaehan. It was May 31 that day. I was really thinking about the task force, without waiting buses. Power has been ordered. To quell wearing suits, Shields said, holding a double somewhere. I do not know English without any mental or alley, facing demonstrators. Then I saw the front. At that time, there were college students in front of Hyoja way to remember. Everybody something big happens you yelling at me just as nervous, but I can tell did not feel real. To hear the sounds coming out of water cannon vehicle. 'You did not and will not shoot' thinking. Water cannon vehicle waited over two hours. The justification for a preemptive attack on demonstrators waited to achieve. "

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