International Amnesty concluded Korean Police's doubts.

Amnesty International (A.I) raised suspicions of the Korean Police Department(KPD).

Amnesty International raised by the police on September 29 and other false allegations are all true 'fake' police and the police, saying an announcement upon the fact the conservative media counterattacked.

Amnesty International branch at the United States through a press release that "the police official who made the comments about the international secretariat in the present answer, but some media reports are currently investigating the contents of Amnesty International has made false allegations, and there will be amplified in Several chapters in the United States regarding the official survey explained. "

First, the United States branch, "Amnesty International is presented as an example of excessive use of force if the woman's 24-year-old white collar, his arm is actually more than the absence of treatment immediately after violent by Police. Did not know that Amnesty International has presented a case of human rights abuses In fact, and the press have been different, "said" the investigation, however, Amnesty International said the women and heard testimony in direct face-to-face interviews with women in the hospital at the time, this was the situation in the hospital. In fact, unlike some of the reported contents of the certificate. 'Fractured right metatarsal bones executives' illness was obtainable, "he said.

The chapters of the United States' practices of arbitrary detention as a 31-year-old with a cartoon editor who actually does not exist 'claims that the police about the "first presented on June 8 this morning, but obtainable person detained in the June. For one day to come, this 31-year-old cartoon editor detained June 8, rather than 41 hours during one day in custody, was on the footway. "Amnesty International is a case about false facts and figures created two One case, "he said.

South Korea branch, "Amnesty International is a case of the poor health of the measures suggested by the Bar for the 27-year-old man police said was a handwritten signature to mention being detained 1 to change his mind and that I am not receiving treatment, he said."
"However, Amnesty International suggested that the police confirmed that a copy of the handwritten signature of the person Amnesty International investigator and the case will be presented directly to interview people and yieoteumeul Says completely different person, "he said.


Korean department try to hiding and perverting the truth.
People's right was wasted into past.
We want International departments bring out the truth for people in pain of perversion.

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