The conservative camp, 'America's betrayal' panic

"no confrontation with the United States," HanNaRa said "I sort of mentioned, but ..."

The ruling party newspaper, the conservative government and conservative camps is' betraying the United States' largely feel embarrassed. The most sensitive issue in the normal sense islets America , "Dokdo is not a Korean territorial.".

In particular, President George W. This comes six days after President Bush had on August 5 visit to Korea ,planning their big worry is more likely.

Korea-US summit, the presidential office of the United Nations been disputed islets' agendas over whether to raise the diplomatic line and the line between the radical differences in political affairs, said Thursday. Dokdo is a problem all of a sudden rain diplomatic agenda is to raise a word with him entry, while the line is the political affairs sub-national issues are not seosang andagan President Lee Myung-bak is a national anger and concerned.

GNP is sensitive to public sentiment in some form or another Korea-US summit might not have this problem, there is no mention.

day i n 30, in MBC radio , GNP representatives' attention focused SonSeokHui 'in an interview with "This story could have had none just move on without any dialogue," said "not a formal agenda or formal agenda, though I can not talk about it again." Korea-US summit to deal with that stance. However, Park said, "I'm the type or the formal summit, but now it's time I really do not know about enough time for the U.S. side to think of it as an excuse to do it," said U.S. pressure for a reaction.

Conservatinveness discussions are reaction to the more conservative media.
a 30-Day editorial < "Dokdo notation reparation," the U.S.>, while the U.S. has accused the United States must not publicly criticize the claims.

Editorial, "The reality is that the U.S. is unavoidable circumstances that caused the situation rather than be involved in the dispute, which in turn caused a dispute between the more it appears to be spreading," said "at least in the United States are against this thing for the United States to be boiling. Was no choice but to the United States to get something like this, you might wonder just what page "to resent the U.S. measures.

However, the editorial added, "Of course, Korea, USA and USA INABILITY raise their voices to growing criticism. However, this should also be a problem calmly calculated," "America's official position on the sovereignty of the Dokdo claims he would not admit it The U.S. president LeeSeungMan in 1952, including the Dokdo islets in the Republic of Korea since declared the peace lines to be effective and have not ruled that objections raised by us in a position to publicly attack the U.S. and get the pleasure of diplomatic Push What do you think should be awareness, "he said.

is just a step in the U.S. and deonaah daeripgak never said no to sewoseon said.
yinalja the editorial through " The upgrading of a strategic alliance with the U.S. would rather do than assessment, "said U.S. While pointing out the failure of diplomacy "(But) as part of a leftist intellectual who often set up to beat back the United States , or about North Korea expression does not embrace the principle of the policy should not be Groom. Korea-US alliance so that it loses the people's approval rating also will be losing a handshake, "he said.

'Territorial issue,' even the most fundamental issue is whether conservative camp. These people how to become acceptable, polite thing to favor weeks.


Stupid newspapers ...

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