Today's Google is God "Mercury".

I can call him as God "Freddie Mercury".
Even he was a man who has 4 octaves and unbelievable vocalism.

It was about 20 years ago. One of my friend give a tape to me for trying to listen. I can see a title that written in hand - "Queen".
I asked to him. "Is that a kind of Pop music ?", he nodded. So I was think "Queen" is a pop music band. it was so idiot until I tuned up in my cassette tape player.

I can't remember what it was player. at that time, most of cassette tape player are SONY or PANASONIC and SAMSUNG or LG... whatever, important thing is supporting DOLBY NR(Noise Reduction). and my tape payer not built in Dolby NR. so when I listening music, I can hear noise, too.

With my tape player, Queen was a impact on me.
Freddie's vocal was so clean and loud. So incredible, how a human make this sound?
is it a real ? there's many questions. how it is possible ? it belongs to all thing about Freddie's voice. And I understanding about him to read some magazines kinda rock/metal.

And my memory left to him as "God" of rock.
With Judas Priest, they are the best rock musician to me.
Thanks Google.
I will remember him, again.

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