Plan for buying new Pentax DA lens: Pentax DA 35mm f2.4

Since Pentax released new body : Pentax K-r, also pop out a new lens.
It was based on Pentax FA 35mm f2.0, and designed again for digital cameras.
Aperture 2.0 decreased to 2.4, but weight really gone to right. Badly mount assy. is not metallic material anymore. it's released for K-r (and also other P-K mount) as a fixed focal bundle lens.
Seems like a limited models. ( Pentax's high valued limited fixed focal lens )
Like K-5 or K-7 with K-r, they are looks similar.
Actually design started from same base.( as I know. )
So I'm planning for buying Pentax DA 35mm  f2.4 for myself at last of this year.
It seems be ... I will still alone until buying this lens.
So I'll buy this, and I could be take more shots in Winter.

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