A free AAC audio encoder/decoder - NAACESHL v1.9.11

A free AAC audio encoder/decoder supports multiple language.

- Supports automatic multiple languages : English / Korean / Japanese
- Solved problem of richedit , to exchange ListView component.
- Supports Windows Vista 32bit (not sure 64bit OS)
- Do not erase file list if it stopped encoding by user.
- More file extentions for AAC encoded.

- Encodes AAC audio files from variable audio files : MP1/MP2/MP3/OGG/WAV
- Decodes AAC audio files to WAV.
- Automatically identifies system functions and applies for AAC encoder.

- Download NAACES_v1911.exe file.
- Execute file , it may complete installation automatically.
- You could be see a new blue and white N icon on your wallpaper.
- Execute that.

- All free , there is no payment , no donation.

- Japanese not perfect.

First download - http://denkami.tistory.com/attachment/ek200000000000.exe
Sencondary download - http://denkami.tistory.com/189 (please find link below 다운로드 )

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