Free Medical RAW/DCM image viewer version

 This is a freeware to view medical RAW images or DCM(DICOM) files easily on your Windows, MacOSX and Linux (debian).
 Supports most of RAW images with matching height(or sometimes width of RAW means height) when before loads file.
 DCM/DICOM tags file may automatically identify image parameters include width and height.

 And more features availed:
  • Measuring real pixel size
    you can drag mouse pointer with SHIFT key. It will apears blue line.
    result of measure may left on Log window.
  • Checking real pixel matrix
    just click right mouse button on image viewing area, a small window apears and you can check what pixel value in real and down scaled.
  • Quick position jump with keyboard.
    you can use HOME/END/PgUp/PgDn key to jumps quick positions of big image.
  • Filtered scaling
    this program supports filtered image resizing with these methods:
    Bilinear, BiCubic, Lanzcos-3
    and depends on resizing speed with image size and what your CPU SIMD supported.
  • Exporting current viewing image to 8 bit grayscale PNG file.
  • Supporting current view area to clipboard (Ctrl+C)
  • Or supporting current whole image to clipboard (Shift+Ctrl+C)
    * WARNING * Too big image may not copied to clipboard.
  • Best way for your High performance CPU:
    this program provides each different build of CPU architectures, i686, Core2Duo(SSE3) and after 3Generation of Core-i series(AVX).
Used open source:
Download availed:

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