Beware a seller - Vifocal in AliExpress.

 A month and more days ago, I bought Ulefone Paris screen protect glasses from many different sellers in AliExpress.
 But every glasses was not fit on Ulefone Paris and they are refunded except shipping fee, but one seller made trouble with me, Shop name was Vifocal.

 To make it refunded, I send pictures to seller with these:

 Inner glass was original bundle Ulefone screen protector, and bigger glass is Vifocal glass - and it does not fit on Ulefone Paris as like following reason.
 Ulefone Paris front glass is not flat, each edge rounded as like iPhone6 series, so protect glass must be smaller than real surface area. But this bad glass is not for real fittable surface, just made for whole area size, so glass not fitted on safety.

 Actually even bundle glass is not so good for Paris, but this seller's glass is useless. Problem was belong to their slogan - "Ulefone Original Glass". It was totally not an original glass and I was bought these similar fake originals before - and they are all refunded because their fraud sales by AliExpress.

 But Vifocal - the bad ass - is not accepted their fraud sales. But I won with AliExpress problem solving team. You could read what I conversation with seller in bellow images (Captured whole messages)

 If you like to buy new screen protect glass for Uefone Paris, check below image to what is really fits on your glass surface.

 Specially don't buy anything from Vifocal, they are never good seller - don't understand what they are did bad.

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