Verbatim V3 and V3 MAX series review.

 Here I prepared to write a reivew for two similar product of Verbatim V3. Actually V3 has two models: Normal and MAX (inc. Limited Edition, it must be same with MAX).

  I have V3 64GB and V3 MAX 128GB, and these are enogh to use in life for copying big files to carrying anywhere.
 Here I have benchmarked in Intel Core i5-4460(3.2GHz) / 16GB RAM / 512GB SS / On-obard built in Intel USB 3.0 controller.

Verbatim V3 64GB @USB2.0  port

Verbatim V3 64GB @ USB3.0 port

Verbatim V3 MAX 128GB @ USB 2.0 port

Verbatim V3 MAX 128GB @ USB 3.0 port

 You can judge which one is better in price. Normal V3 must be used TLC and Verbatim improved performance wish SSD controller. So V3 MAX also much improved amazing performance by using MLC dual channels. Choice is depends on buyer, And If I need think about poor my wallet, choice will be former even losing really nice performance in price. On the other hand, I have enogh to buy paying USD60 to 70. Choice may latter.

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