A dictator's daughter, note princess with South Korean

 In South Korea, One dictator's daughter is run for the presidency. She also well known as "Note princess". The Note princess, it come to reason of nothing can do without any note/notice from her blind brief slaves. Since dead of Jeong Hee Park - dictator of South Korea - South Korea has a sickness by brainwashing. Dictator's government did brainwashing project to South Koreans by take over all mass medias like news papers, TV and radios.

 New York Times announced her as "In a Rowdy Democracy, a Dictator’s Daughter With an Unsoiled Aura". The unsoiled aura - it looks like " a clean dictator doing Democracy movement". what a comedy? Brainwashed people (almost in age of 50 to 60) actually following her as like zombies. There's nothing like reason, humanity. just doing like washed brain command to praise her.

 In past of South Korea, there's many dictators. and they always made local feelings to hate each others : West and East. Almost of dictators are from east, we call there as "TK : TaeGu, KyungSang do". specially M.B Lee - a ratty man who wanna be become a custom play like J.H.Park - government made modern autocracy in South Korea. Without any money, there's nothing. people became slaves for the rich. Police and Law is a weapon for keep safe for the rich. not normal people. The human rights fallen to the hell. Mass media lost their integrity. Democracy movement gone to jail. there was no human rights in 2000's.

 The big brother company trying kill small companies. take important technical information, then waste. just easy. Government is big brothers' side. they don't need small company 'cause big money always sponsored from big brothers. so easy.

 Half of nation became zombie. and it's continue to keep autocracy for their rich by Sae-Nuri-party (Han Nara party). Ugly people still trivial to them like well trained zombies. perfect brainwashed zombies are automatically fights to Democracy movement. How it is so nice ? Just keep watching fight each other. nothing to be controlled more. they were brainwashed.

 In the end of 2012, we have new Presidential election. it is kind of fight democracy and autocracy. brainless note princess is a puppet of power of dictators. She doesn't having conversation with others, no combination, don't understand what is human rights, what is  legal. what is illegal. without note, it is a marionette, old spinster. People need wake up for their human rights. fight for the democracy again. be not a zombie. be not a pit bull for fight autocracy.

 Remember. how many people gone to fight for the democracy. Do you want to be a zombie of dictators? it's up to your vote. open your eyes of inner spirit. choose the right. Democracy belongs to right vote.

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