Fossil CH2600, a metal watch for men.

It was a few months ago, I bought CH2653 on Amazon for almost USD 90.
And I wonder: this is really cool stuff !
"Cheap but good quality."
Urethane band sewed each side for duration. Tachymeter printing also good.
Little bit heavy weight. It's OK.
Also Chronograph works well.
So I have impressed at my CH2653, and began to find metal band one.

It was a base model of all CH26xx. A simple outfit. easy to read what time is it now.
Wide metal band, a little bit heavy weight. same design with CH2653.
It looks so good to me. so I purchased it on Amazon.
Fossil always using same metal box.
Actually I don't like this metal box for carrying any metal band watch. whatever, I can use this box for anything else. and it is good function for recycling package.
Shiny stainless steel back is the symbol of Fossil as I know. (my all Fossil watches back are all shiny stainless steel.)
It is easy to clean but need care to any scratch when you released them to anywhere.
fit on my wrist, it's looks perfect on me.
I like feeling heavy on my wrist with something like big watch.
Panel and hands are working well and second hand indicates right number.
By pressing start/stop and lap/reset button is smooth.
Stem for adjusting watch is little bit stiff. ( If you are a man, it will be not a problem )

Finally, Value for money is really nice.
If you have wear watch in everyday...
If you want read time as quickly as possible without any digital device...
If you want good watch for price under USD 100...
It will be a good choice.

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