Bought for my knowledge

At last .... Two books were held on my right hand when I stood front of counter.
One is Japanese vocalbulary studying and another is my favor novel. (Truthly, I really wanna read Stephen King's book, Can't found them.)
It was my decision for a new challenge. Even I am a kinda software engineer, don't have any subject books for C or C++ or more languages. At younger than current, some magazines and only Pascal language book was placed in bookshelf.
People asking me why you learning japanese? or You already knows about japanese, but why? Absolutly I wish say to them. The Language, whatever it is for a communicating or for computers, Always we need studying for. Think, can you determinates is studying be completed? I think not be possible. Knowing a culture and language is not be done, not be completed.
So I bought a book for Japanese vocabulary. I really weak in japanese vocabulary. and Kanji. Specially Kanji and Hanja is almost same and it based on chinese languages. it really difficult to me for remember, identifying and use. Even same meaning Kanji and Hanja, sometimes they have different shape 'cause simplified.
ex: 国 and 國 are same meaning, actually a little bit speaking difference with them, goku and koku. Korean Hanja,國 means a nation. sure Japanese Kanji, 国 is same meaning but simplified. 國 also existed in japan, but it has different speak type Koku. (国 is Goku).
Whatever, I need more studying harder for my knowledge.
Sure I am , determination.
Will be done for a that book to read and understanding.
For reading japanese novels, for perfectly understanding them.
Say to me, you can do it!

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