Being developer in Korea.

Be leave as one man developer in Korea.
It maybe a ugly thought.
Most of country's new and charm technologies are based on their lowest unsurfaced hiddens even it for millitaries and killing people.
In Korea, new president and his goverment parties are not cares increasing national IT powers.
They only cares their money and real(fixed) properties. Everytime, theirs decision for someone (always saying just "for the perople", but who is or are , that people?) , always out of normal.
Like paratroopers, each goverment hight chairs was taken by near president peoples whatever it important or not.
Sovers and land, these important things are filled in brain of Korean president in 2009.
Humanrights was disappeared in the last year.
Developers, also has no places to working with relationship. that was the past of glory.
Korea goverments decreases policies for IT, instead increasing polcies for riches and landed estate dealing laws. They are not for people, just for peoples who themselves and riches.
They don't need to care people 'cause their properties.
Developers are mostly below the middle classes.
It is same all the countries but, in Korea, it means special difference.
Normaly meanning developer is "a person or [thing] that develops.".
Right, a person or a thing.
In Korea, developers are not person. like a things, trades each other as things and selling like slaves.
Lowest sellery at every monthes, sometimes got fired without any notice. and nowhere to complaint for their unfair treatments.
Goverment removed law for permanent job ratings and ignores mostly unfaired and illegitimacies of enterprise corporations. Because they keep paying for them as black money.
They don't need think about "the people".
Actually developers in Korea, they have no visions for future.
There aren't dreams and future.
Like same situation typing keyboard from using sewing machines at the past to modern, the time passing by.

There is no future for IT in Korea.
It's been a lost game.
Like a prefixed ending scene may be come truth.

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