A free AAC(MP4) Encoder - NAACESHL v1.8.0 (En/Kr)

A simple audio MP4/AAC-LC encoding shell program - NAACESHL version 1.7.2

Updated following issues:
1) Added detailed information view
2) Can be adjust AAC encoding options by click detailed view area.
3) Supports CBR and AAC-LC/HE/HEV2.
4) Modified wrong bitrate values.
5) Supports 2-pass encoding.
6) Supports Quality encoding.
7) Update version of NeroAacEnc.exe
8) Included NeroAacEnc_SSE2.exe for SSE2 supported CPUs.
9) SSE2 instruct supports by auto identified CPU.
10) and more ...

How to use it ?
1) Download program and extract ZIP to your favor folder.
2) If you already have previous version , just overwrite there.
3) Just double click on NAACESHL.EXE (also you can make link to your desktop screen)
4) Drag MP3/OGG/WAV files to NAACESHL from Windows explorer.
5) Adjust some options (if you want) and press "Convert!" button.

This program is for freeware.It dosen't matter on using as freeware. but you have mind for commercial , I can't accept that.Because some external programs (BASS.DLL and NeroAACe.EXE) are not allowed for using in commercial.

You can download this program from my homepage

You can redistribute this program as freeware. Please keep original ZIP file.

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