Nero AAC Encoder Shell , Version 1.0

This is a freeware as useful.
It provides AAC/MP4 audio encoding as graphic user interface shell.
You need to ready just 3 files as below list:
1) NAACES.EXE (Sheller)
2) NeroAacEnc.exe (AAC encoder by Ahead softwares)
3) bass.dll (mp3/ogg decoder by un4seen.com)

You can lunch program by double click on Explorer that select NAACES.EXE.
And explore your favorate musics (wav , mp3 , ogg).
Drag and drop music files to NACCES.
When it made file list , and you've been ready to make AAC audio file , Just press encode button !
If it be checked , MP4 check box , encoded file extention named as MP4 instead AAC.

Enjoy AAC audio.

Download availed on my homepate :
* Korean , but you can read :)

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